Australian Garden Designs

The Australian environment is typified by an ever-changing Australian climate. Especially the south-eastern cities such as Melbourne are well known for their "four seasons in a day" environment. Because of this, Australian gardens are some of the most diverse in the world. Several award winning gardens in Australia are places where visitors can immerse themselves in the Australian flora, art, landscapes and architecture. They have many features, all of which highlight the beauty and diversity of our Australian landscape.

Our public gardens are a great illustration of this beauty and diversity, with the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens featuring over 50,000 plants set upon 36 hectares of land. They are a great education tool for schools with many excursion groups passing through the Gardens every day. They also feature the Aboriginal Heritage Walk which takes you on an exciting journey that explores the rich Aboriginal culture and looks at their many traditions.

Probably the most iconic flora feature in Australian gardens is the gum tree. Eucalypts have significant cultural and scientific importance and are found in parks and gardens all over Australia, as well as overseas now, including France, India, Spain and Brazil. The eucalypt's fast growth makes it very important in cultivation, and can grow up to 7 metres tall in ideal conditions.

Garden Furniture and Fencing Australia

If your garden is a place of pride and joy, then every brick, rock, plant and bush is crucial to the overall layout and feel of your garden. For the passionate gardener, your garden is an extension of your home which means your garden furniture is just as important as the furniture in your kitchen or home office. In Melbourne, Sydney and the other major cities, fencing is seen as a very important part of the garden. It gives a barrier to your home and needs to fit in with the type of garden you are going for.
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Sometimes, an outdoor area in a home might not have any grass or plants, and just be concreted. This can look sterile and isn't a very good area to relax. One solution is to lay down artificial grass in the area. Not only does it give you a good green feel (which actually looks real) it is also easier to maintain. You don't need to cut fake grass so it means you have to spend less time attending to it. And it also comes in a range of styles to suit your specific desires.
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A number of factors will influence what furniture you have in your garden. How much time you spend in the garden and how you use the garden will determine the type and amount of furniture. You may do a lot of entertaining in your garden, which means patio furniture, a barbecue and lots of seating is important. On the other hand, you might use the garden to relax among the diverse flowers and plants, therefore comfortable furniture is high on the agenda for you, as may be a water fountain which provides serenity through the day and night.

The style of furniture will also influence the style of your garden so it is important to consider whether you want modern, vintage or contemporary furniture, to fit in with the overall look you are going for.

Styling can be performed by landscaping specialists, who will shape and maintain your garden to reach the desired look you're after. The maintenance required will also effect what you put in your garden, as you may not have the time or budget to look after something that needs regular attendance. Whatever the case, don't be afraid to go with your heart, and choose something that suits your personal taste. After all, it's your garden.
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Sometimes a swimming pool can take up a lot of space in a yard, and make it hard to really have much of a garden. Many people (especially adults with children who have grown up and left the residence) are left with a deserted pool, which sits in the backyard, unutilised, and wasting away. Pool removal services can fill in old unused swimming pools, and make way for a brand new functional garden. Whether you want a nice lawn, entertaining area, or exotic garden, all of these are possible once removing a pool.
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To clear concrete, explosives or a jack hammer can also do the trick. However if you want something more environmentally friendly, and with no noise pollution, you might want to try a different solution. Aussie company Silentech can provide Bristar which is a great idea for demolishing concrete in a fast and effective way.
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